First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion Certificate and Matching Card

Standard Size - 11 in. x 14 in. $5.95 (REC1503)(+shipping/handling) 4 Available

Matching Note Cards with Envelopes Box 0f 10 Cards and Envelopes (NC9925BX) $10.00

Matching BookMark Card (BMC9925) (With Envelope) - $1.50

Matching BookMark Card (BMC9925BX) (12 Cards With Envelope) - $12.00

Special First Holy Communion Cards

First Communion-2 with Envelope - (#9956) - $1.50
First Communion-2 with Envelope - (#9956BX) Box of 12 cards with envelopes - $12.00

First Holy Communion Cards With Medal - $1.10 ea.

For Boy or Girl - (VC769)

For Girl (VC771)


Inside of Card

Laminated First Holy Communion Cards - $.50 ea.

Girl - (900-001)

Traditional First Holy Communion Cards (With Env.) -$2.95 ea.

Style 002

First Communion - Spanish - Style 1

First Communion -Style 4

Catholic Gift Wrap- $4.00

2 Sheets - 28" x 40" (GW951)


Lace Holy Communion Cards

Holy Communion - Boy - $1.00 ea.

Lace First Holy Communion Card-Style

Our Ambrosiana Lace Holy Cards are printed on Italian cardstock
that is adorned with a punch lace border. The back of each card contains an appropriate sacramental prayer.

"My Lord Jesus Christ, I firmly believe that I am about to Receive in Holy Communion, Your Body, Your Blood, Your Soul, and Your Divinity.

"I believe it because You have said it, and I am ready to give my life to maintain this truth.


Material: Punched Lace Cardstock
Size: 2 1⁄2" W x 4" H

Body of Christ - First Holy Communion Card -$1.25 ea.

Holy Communion Holy Cards

First Holy Commuion Holy Card (1-HC1210) - 49¢
First Holy Communion Holy Card (2-HC1211) - 49¢


First Holy Communion Card for Boy or Girl (FC-03)

$.25 ea.

First Holy Communion Card -Host and Chalice (FC-05)

$.25 ea.



Spiritual Communion (E24-669) - 70¢ ea.

After Holy Communion Card (E24-667) - 70¢


Embroidered First Holy Communion Cards - From Spain

(EC-G9) - $3.00 ea.
(EC-B9) - $3.00 ea.
Embroidered First Holy Communion Card - Boy

(EC-B5) - $3.00 ea.

(EC-G1) - $3.00 ea.

Special First Communion Gifts

Medals for First Communicants

Four-Way Medal - Without Chain

• Sacred Heart • St. Joseph • St Christopher • Miraculous Medal

$1.75 (+S&H)


7 inch Wood Crucifix

Available in White/Blue/Pink

$25.00 ea.

7 in. Pearlized Gold Plated Cross with Genuine Pewter Crucified Corpus, Gift Boxed

$28.00 ea.

7 in. Wood Crucifix - $25.00 7 in. Enamel Crucifix - $28.00
Colors Available


2.5" Gold Embossed Communion Boy Statuette/Magnet (837-674)

$5.00 (+shipping - U.S. only)

2.5" Gold Embossed Communion Girl Statuette/Magnet (837-675)

$5.00 (+shipping - U.S. only)


Holy Water Fonts

To See Holy Fonts Click Here

First Communion Rosaries

First Holy Communion Rosary - Pink Heart-Shaped Beads- Comes With Round Case Shown Above (RY-898)


First Holy Communion Rosary - Genuine Hematite with Round Case (RY-900)

$14.00 ea.


First Holy Communion Rosary

Small Gray Bead (RB146)

$15.00 ea.

First Holy Communion Rosary(RB154)

$20.00 ea.

Heart-Shaped Pearl First Communion Rosary - With Greeting Card (RY103G)

$15.00 ea.

1st Holy Communion Rosary - Crystal - With Plastic Case - $7.95 ea. (01332CRBX)

1st Holy Communion Rosary - 5 mm Black Crystal- With Plastic Case - $7.95 ea. (01332BKBX)

1st Holy Communion Rosary - 5 mm Black Glass Beads- With Plastic Case - $7.95 ea. (01335BKBX)

SMALL - Sturdy Leather Rosary Cases -- (3" x 2.5") Zipper closure Available in either White or Black. (3811001-2)

For Rosary Cases Click Here

Books, Missals & Coloring Books

The Mass Explained To Children

Jesus Make Me Worthy - $15.00
Marian Children's Missal - $15.00
With Black Cover
With White Cover

Catholic Stories For Boys & Girls (In four volumes) These happy and courageous stories were compiled and written by Catholic nuns in the 1930's. Styled to interest school-aged children, they will warm the hearts even of parents and grandparents. Excellent when read by children, even better when read to children by parents and older brothers and sisters. Stories of Our Lady, Good Deeds, the Black Robes, Indians, Priests, Nuns, Ships, Airplanes, the Circus, the Rosary, the Mass, the Tower of London, Edmund Campion, the Seasons, Families, St. Patrick, School, Kings, Prisoners, Boats, Columbus, Shepherds, etc. There should be copies of these beautiful little books easily available to every Catholic boy and girl during their elementary school years. Gold embossed; cream paper, sewn signatures. Fully illustrated. 140 to 148 pages in each of four volumes. Hardcover. $75.00 for 4 Volume Set.

4 Volume Set - $59.00 Volume I - $16.00 Volume II - $16.00 Volume III - $16.00

Volume IV - $16.00

Sorry - Out of Stock Sorry - Out of Stock Sorry - Out of Stock Sorry - Out of Stock Sorry - Out of Stock

Divine Light Prayer Book

Beautifully illutrated - 63 Pages - Traditional Prayers for Children - a Great Find! Available with Either Black or White Cover



Patron Saint of First Communicants - $9.00
Little Nellie of Holy God
$8.00 (+ shipping)

Other First Communion Gifts


Child's Brown Scapular - Available with either a brown or white cord - 24 inch - $7.50 (+ S&H) All wool (Except the Images)
Crusader Brown Scapular - Available with Short (24"), Medium (30"), or Long Cords (36")

Crusader Brown Scapular With Heavy Cord All wool (Except the Images)

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