Catholic Statues

A Note About Statuary: The statues shown here are imported and must be ordered in quantity. Because of the numerous options available, we may not always have all the various images in all of the various sizes immediately available. We stock as many as we can afford to handle at any one time. If you have a question as to availability, please call or email us.

Immaculate Heart

Please Note: The statues which are pictured here with wooden bases and nameplates are sizes larger than 5.5". Statues smaller than 8" have neither a wooden base nor nameplate. The images may vary slightly depending upon the size. All of the statues shown here are made of resin and painted.

Special Devotions Collection

Each statue in our new Sacred Devotions Collection is a true work of spiritual art. Inspired by Old-World European artisans, our devotional statues are exquisitely crafted, hand painted with vibrant colors and highlighted with gold accents. All patron garments are embossed with a fine brocade pattern to give them a unique look and rich texture. Solemn facial expressions, tender sculptural detailing and fluid design movement combine to make these statues as pleasing to the spirit as they are to the eye. And as a finishing touch, every statue that is 8 inche or largter is elegantly set upon an ornamental base. Smaller statues do not have a wood base. All statues come packed in a Milagros signature gift box and make perfect devotional gifts for friends and loved ones.

St. Barbara

1 ea. 5 in. In Stock

St. Barbara 5 in. - $14.00


St. Christopher

1 ea. 4 in. In Stock

St. Gerard

1 ea. 4 in. In Stock


St. Christopher 4 in. - 9.00


St. Gerard

10 in. - $19.95 ea. - In Stock


St. Francis

4 in. - $9.00 ea. 2 In Stock



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