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St. Benedict Crosses (3/4 inch) in Brass or Nickel Color

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Nickel Color Crosses

Available in

Nickel/Red - Nickel/Blue and Nickel/Green

Brass Color Crosses

Available in Brass/White (0nly 6 Available) - Brass/Blue - Brass/Green

T-1636O - Colors

Items from the Shrine of Madonna della Guardia

North of Genoa, on a prominent conical hill, stands the 19th century pilgrimage church of the Madonna della Guardia (804m/2,653ft). The main celebration is held on August 29th, the day (in 1940) when the Virgin Mary appeared to a farmer in the village of Livellato.

1.5" Diameter


Key Chain - $5.00 / Now $2.50
Oval Medal - $5.00 / Now $2.50

The Windeatt Books

Patron Saint of First Communicants

Gifts were piled high for 5-year-old Imelda's birthday. Imelda was delighted, but still she asked, "I was wondering if I could have just one more present." "Greedy girl!" laughed her father. Unfortunately, her parents could not give her this one present--Our Lord in Holy Communion. But Imelda decided to ask Our Lord Himself. What would He reply? This book gives the answer and tells how little Imelda came to be the Patroness of First Communicants.

Was $9.95 / Now $7.00


The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta

Luisa recorded her visions, insights, and conversations with Jesus and His Mother in 36 volumes. Following the opening thein 1994, a concerted effort has been put forth to complete the work of translating Luisa's writings into various languages, including the completion of her works in English. These are the volumes we have availabe.

All Volumes Now Only $4.00 ea.

I Bring You Tidings of Great Joy

Book of Heaven

Selected Passages #1

Book of Heaven

Selected Passages #2

Book of Heaven

Selected Passages #3


Other Books

Lives of The Saints – The Early Church

(32 Page Children's Book - Was $9.00 / Now $3.00


The Sinner's Guide - Regular $18.95 / Sale Price - $13.50

Where We Got The Bible


The Church or The Bible




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