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Saint Ignatius Loyola

A short, popular biography of the ardent Spanish soldier who, while recuperating from a battle wound, was converted to the service of Christ by reading a Catholic book. He initially did great penance, became holy, went to study at the University of Paris, wrote his Spiritual Exercises, gathered a following of brilliant holy men, and then founded the Jesuits. Impr. 94 pgs 4 Illus, PB

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The Curé D'Ars-The definitive life, based on the official "Process of Beatification and Canonization," and thus totally factual and documented. Of humble education and assigned to a forgotten farmers' village, he attracted the whole world to Ars and was proclaimed "Patron Saint of Parish Priests" in 1929. He ate one meal a day, slept only a few hours a night, heard confessions up to 17 hours a day, converted thousands. His body remains incorrupt. A grace-filled story of total love of God!

The Cure D'Ars (Trochu) - Regular Price - $29.95 - Sale Price $17.95

Angel in the Waters

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Mother's Little Helper
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Think Well On It - Considerations on the Great Truths of the Catholic Religion by Bishop Richard Challenor - "Consider first those words of the Prophet Jeremias, 'With desolation is all the land made desolate, because there is none that considereth in the heart.' (Jeremias 12:11). And reflect how true it is that the lack of consideration of the great truths of Christianity is the chief source of all our evils! Alas, the greater part of mankind seldom, or never, think of either their first beginning or of their last end! Neither do they consider who brought them into the world, or for what; nor do they reflect on that eternity into which they are just about to step. Hence, all their pursuits are earthly and temporal, as if they were made only for this life, or were always to be here. Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell make but little impression upon them because they do not give themselves the leisure to delve deeply into their souls by means of serious consideration. They run on, with their eyes shut, to the precipice of a miserable eternity; and only then do they begin to think, when they find themselves lodged that place of woe, 'Where there worm dieth not and the fire is not extinguished.' (Mark 9:43). Ah, my Poor Soul, take care that this be not thy case!"

Thus begins Bishop Challenor's Think Well On It -- Considerations on the Great Truths of the Catholic Religion, in which he proceeds to take the reader, in similar fashion, through all the major considerations we should all keep; perennially in mind as the background against which we should measure and consider everything we do in life....

Think Well On It - Regular Price - $12.00 - Sale Price $9.00 (+ shipping)

Come Rack! Come Rope! by Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson - Some years before this book was written, H. Belloc wrote that R. Benson would be "the man to write some day a book to give us some sort of idea what happened in England between 1520 and 1560. Come Rack! Come Rope! is the most vivid and gripping novel ever written about how the Reformation happened. In the book, the appalling events come to life.

This Novel tells of the struggles and sufferings of Catholic Recusants under Queen Elizabeth I of England. One such Recusant, Robin Audrey, is shocked to learn his father has decided to leave the Catholic Church for the safety of the Church of England. The narrative follows Robin's struggle with the call of faith, as he is torn between his dream of marriage and a priestly vocation, which would entail further persecution and might even end in martyrdom. Pb. 411 pp.

Come Rack! Come Rope! - Regular Price $19.95 - Sale Price $14.30 (+ shipping)


Saints Who Raised The Dead -
True stories of 400 resurrection miracles. The raising of the dead is a miracle which, astonishing as it is, has been performed hundreds of times since Christ. Our Lord told His Apostles to raise the dead (Matthew 10:8), and over the Christian centuries many saints have done so - particularly great missionaries like St. Francis Xavier, St. Patrick, St. Vincent Ferrer, St. Hyacinth, St. Louis Bertrand, but also a multitude of other saints, including St. John Bosco, St. Philip Neri, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Francis of Paola, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Malachy, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Joan of Arc, St. Rose of Lima, and Blessed Margaret of Costello. The stories of these resurrection miracles are amazing; they include the raising of persons who had drowned, of persons with mutilated bodies, of persons who had been hanged, and of those whose bodies had already suffered decay or had been buried for several years.

Saints Who Raised The Dead - Regular Price - $18.50 - Sale Price $13.85

The Fr. Dudley Series

Fr. Owen Francis Dudley was a convert to Catholicism, He was in fact an Anglican Minister, who converted to the Faith in 1915 and became a Catholic Priest in 1917.

Fr. Dudley wrote a series of "novels" on the problems of human happines. His novels are a relevant today as when he first wrote them.

We currently have 5 books of the set re-printed and plan to offer the entire set of 9 books when they are all reprinted. Each book is hard bound with a sewn binding. (Please note, these novels do contain some swear words, it was the style that was accepted at the time that Fr. Dudley wrote)

The Masterful Monk
Pageant Of Life
The Coming of the Monster
The Tremaynes and the Masterful Monk

Reg -$12.00

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Reg -$12.00

Sale Price -$9.00

Reg -$12.00

Sale Price -$9.00

Reg -$12.00

Sale Price -$9.00

Eclipse of Truth : Book I - The Law of Worship
Are you faced with increasing "liturgical malpractice" in your parish or diocese? What can -- and should -- be done to stop the progress of the modernists and feminists who are working to destroy the liturgy of the Catholic Church? What "rights" and "duties" do the faithful have under the laws of the Church? The Law of Worship answers these questions and more. This is one of the books most disliked by liturgical modernists!

Eclipse of Truth : Part I - $4.00 - SALE PRICED 



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