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Douay-Rheims Bible - Hardcover - White Leather (6 in x 8.5 in.) (5104) - or Black or White Hardcover - $59.95

This edition brings together the very best of three Douay-Rheims Editions:

The Old and New Testaments - from the 1899 edition published by John Murphy Company, Baltimore, Maryland. Imprimatur: James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore. The notes written by Bishop Challenor are entirely faithful to the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church. Features: Leather bound cover with stitched edges, Gold gilt edged pages adn 2 ribbons, Completely retypeset to reproduce the original 1899 edition, making reading much easier, Eleven colored maps digitally redrawn by and and fully colored.

White Cover

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Douay-Rheims Bible -Pocket Size - Available in Black (B-5150), Burgundy (B-5152) - $45.95


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Black Cover



Catholics looking for the traditional Catholic Bible in English should look no further!

In 1546, the Council of Trent declared the Latin Vulgate Bible as authentic, and declared that "No one (may) dare or presume under any pretext whatsoever to reject it" (4th Session, April 8, 1546). The Douay-Rheims Bible is an English translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible, a version universally used in the Church for over 1500 years, itself meticulously translated from the original Hebrew and Greek by St. Jerome (A.D. 340-420).

The Douay-Rheims was completed in 1609, and is therefore older than the King James Version, the oldest Protestant translation still in use, which was published in 1611. The Rheims New Testament was published nearly thirty years earlier, in 1582. Further, the translators of the KJV make specific reference to the Douay version in their translators' preface. It is commonly acknowledged that, in preparing the KJV, the translators made use of the Rheims New Testament and adopted many of its readings in preference to those of other English editions.

Since it was translated quite literally and with great reverence for each individual word from the Vulgate, which in turn reflects the structure of the original languages very clearly, the Douay-Rheims Bible can give great insight into the minds of the sacred authors. 

In 1749-1752, Bishop Challoner, knowing that many English Catholics were reading distorted Protestant versions of the Bible such as the King James Version (KJV), made major revisions to the Douay-Rheims version, to improve its readability without diminishing its accuracy. The notes, written by Bishop Challoner are entirely faithful to the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church. The revised Douay-Rheims Bible has been approved by the Church many times over, including the approbation of Cardinal Gibbons for the 1899 edition that Baronius Press is publishing.

For over 300 years, the Douay Rheims Bible was the only Catholic English translation of Scripture used. It continues to be used officially in Catholic churches today.


  • Leather bound cover with stitched edges
  • Gold gilt edged pages and 2 ribbons.
  • Completely retypeset to reproduce the original 1899 edition, making reading much easier.
  • Eleven coloured maps digitally redrawn by hand and fully coloured
  • 32 beautiful engravings that recreate key moments in Biblical History
  • Family Register section
  • Included in this edition – Three Papal encyclicals regarding the importance of the Holy Bible.
    • PROVIDENTISSIMUS DEUS - Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII - On the Study of Holy Scripture
    • SPIRITUS PARACLITUS - Encyclical of Pope Benedict XV - On St. Jerome
    • DIVINO AFFLANTE SPIRITU - Encyclical of Pope Pius XII - On Promoting Biblical Studies, Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of Providentissimus Deus
Large Family Bible - $69.95
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The Holy Bible - Knox Edition - The Knox Bible is the ideal translation for those looking to deepen their understanding of the Holy Scriptures. It was hailed as the finest translation of the 20th Century, approved for liturgical use and was endorsed by Pope Pius XII, Archbishop Fulton Sheen and many more.

In the early 20th century, Msgr. Ronald Knox embarked on an entirely new English Bible. He wanted a Bible that did not merely translate the original but made it read as if an Englishman had written it. His translation is spiritual and literary, graceful and lyrical, making it one of the most beautiful vernacular versions of the Holy Bible.

The unique features of the Knox Bible are:

  • Translated from the Latin Vulgate and compared with the Greek and Hebrew texts single handedly by Ronald Knox over nine years.
  • Uses timeless English, which is both sacral and reverent.
  • Set in a single-column format with verse references placed at the side of the text in order to provide a clear and easily readable Bible.
  • The full Bible is now available again for the first time in over 50 years, in an edition from Baronius Press, beautifully bound in leather with gilt edges.
  • Included with this new edition is a paperback edition of On Englishing the Bible (5.5" x 8", 72 pages) in which Msgr. Knox describes his account of the ordeal, which manages to be both illuminating and full of his wit. Anyone wishing to know more about Knox's translation – and the problems involved in rendering the sacred Scriptures into the vernacular – will be fascinated to hear from the translator himself how he tackled this mammoth project.
The Knox Bible

The Clementine Vulgate & Challoner Rheims New Testament

- In keeping with the wishes of the  Holy Father, Benedict XVI, Loreto Publications has published this truly unique edition of the Bible in Latin and English. Suitable either for students of theology and the Scriptures, for those studying Latin, or just for Catholics who wish to conduct themselves according to the mind of the Church, this edition brings together two classic versions of the Bible which have served Catholics well, down through the centuries.
  • One Volume
  • Clear Typeface
  • Satin Ribbon Page Marker
  • Burgundy bonded leather cover
  • English column opposite Latin column

Clementine Vulgate - $39.95


Douay-Rheims Bible - Fr. Haydock Version

This is the magnificent reprint, photographically reproduced from a very large old Bible first printed in 1884. Soft Binding. The commentary covers from one-third to one-half of the space of every page and was selected by the highly respected Father George Leo Haydock. Throughout the 1800's the best known Douay-Rheims Bibles were known as "Haydock's Bibles" because of the powerful footnotes or commentary that was selected by Fr. Haydock to help the faithful to understand Scripture according to the mind of the Church. The Haydock commentary in this edition was taken from a Bible originally printed in 1812 and includes the Saints who were given the title "Father of the Church" because of their outstanding writings explaining Holy Scripture. Fr. Haydock also included notes from other eminent scholars which soundly refute Protestant errors on various passages from the Bible which give important historical explanations to help every reader to better understand God's Holy Word. This edition of the Douay-Rheims Old and New Testaments contains a Bible Dictionary which is Illustrated. Although the commentary is smaller than the text, the average reader should have no difficulty reading these tremendous explanations. There is no commentary more accurate and true than that of the Fathers of the Church. The study of the writings of the Fathers is termed Patrology. Where the Church has spoken, everyone must be of one mind in holding the understanding and sense of any Scripture word or verse. With this edition it is possible for all to hold those passages of Scripture with the mind of the Church. We can know what Our Lord wants us to know with certainty. No more opinions of so-called "experts" or faithless theologians. Bible study-groups can now come alive with the truth and knowledge we have been hungry for. Beautiful Hardcover edition.

Douay-Rheims Bible - Fr. Haydock Version - $125.00


Douay-Rheims Bible - St. Benedict Press Edition -NEW PRINTING! Available in Soft Leather and Paperback Bindings.

Douay-Rheims Bible Leather-Soft Black. Ready Now!. Translated between the years 1582 and 1610 and revised by Bishop Richard Challoner, this is the most accurate English translation of the Bible available today. It was the only Catholic translation of Scripture commonly in use for over 200 years and we maintain that it is still the best and safest version of the Bible in English. Translated with profound respect for every word, the beautiful style of the Douay-Rheims Bible will instill in the reader a deeper understanding of the Word of God. Annotations, references and an historical and chronological index make it convenient for study as well as meditation. Our Douay Rheims Bible is the only edition available with the words of Christ in red! Includes updated full color New Testament maps, beautiful pictures depicting the life of Christ. Complete with Family record and Presentation pages.

Soft Leather


Soft Leather


Black - (SB-2032)

Burgundy (SB-2025)

Recently Published by Preserving Christian Publications

Douay-Rheims Bible - Hard cover bound in either red or black.



Soft Leather


Red - (THB-DR-RED)

Black (THB-DR-BLK)


The Holy Bible - Confirmation Gift Edition - $39.95

This hardbound, gold-embossed Douay-Rheims Bible features stories on the lives of young Saints, explanations of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and well-known prayers written in English and Latin. This elegant edition also contains answers to teens top questions about Catholic moral teaching. The treasures discovered in gift Bible will multiply the Graces received in the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Includes words of Christ in red.


The Holy Bible

Douay-Rheims - Loreto Publications Edition

Even after all of the modern "revisions" of the bible that are now available to Catholics, many still think that the Douay-Rheims version, (the only English translation of the Catholic Vulgate bible in use for almost 400 years) is the very best ever produced. We at Loreto agree that what was good enough for fifty generations of English-speaking  Catholics and countless Saints and Matyrs is still good enough for us. We are proud to offer this beautiful genuine bonded leather hardbound edition for only $39.95! The text is clear and easy to read and the two satin ribbons mark he pages where your daily reading is to begin. This Bible fills the need for a small (5 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 2") good quality hardbound Douay-Rheims bible. It is a perfect gift for Christmas, First Communions, Confirmations, weddings, birthdays, etc. and is also great for those who want a portable bible which is legible, durable, and handsome.

  • Douay-Challoner version
  • Hardbound binding
  • Genuine bonded leather cover
  • Gold embossed title and decoration on spine and cover
  • Top quality bible paper
  • Family Register pages
  • Papal Encyclical Providentissimus Deus of Leo XIII at front
  • Sharp, clear, and readable text
  • Gold and red satin ribbon page markers
  • 32 illustrations
  • Maps
  • Index



Standard Print - $29.95

1,408 pp. Standard Size (5.5 x 8.12 in.) Dark blule qu ality binding, with full color images and maps. Excellent study version. 10 pt. type (SB-2056)

Psalms and New Testament

Ideal for those wanting to carry the New Testament and Psalms at all times for meditation and prayer. This handy pocket-size (4 in. x 6 in.) volume will easily fit into a shirt pocket or handbag.

It uses the same solid Douay-Rheims translation of the New Testament and Psalms as our Bible, and is well organized for prayerful meditation, excellent for evangelism and a great portable gift for graduates and friends alike. Flexible Leather Cover - either Black or Burgundy

Psalms and New Testament- Black - $24.95

Psalms and New Testament- Burgundy - $24.95



Replacement Ribbon Markers

For Missals - Bibles - Books

5 Color Ribbons - 15" long (may be cut to desired length)

Narrow - $3.00 (14466)
Wide - $5.00 (WC386)

Large Pearl Bead Lasso Rosary - $25.95 ea.

Fathers' Manual - $12.00

Mothers' Manual - $12.00

My Catholic Faith


The prayers and considerations presented in this little book are intended to be a means of helping you as a husband and the father of a family in the harmonious managing of the home together with your wife, and to be a guide and support to you in the very difficult task of rearing children properly according to God's plan.

It is hoped that the prayers may invite meditation as you use them and that you will ponder their meanings from time to time in a devout endeavor to make God's thoughts more surely your thoughts, God's will your will -- in a sincere endeavor to form in yourself the image of a true Christian father after the perfect image of your Father in heaven. (From the Introduction.) (159 pp. Hardbound)

By a loving providence of almighty God, all motherhood has been elevated to receive a new status through the motherhood of Mary.

This relationship in grace of every motherhood with Mary's special motherhood assures all mothers that Mary has a particular regard for each of them. The prayer aids and directives of this little manual are presented to help today's mothers in realizing and fulfilling the dignity of their state. It is hoped that these offerings will be instrumental in bringing mothers closer to the heart of Christ and will effectively join them in unity of prayer with Mary, and so help them realize something of the beautiful image of the Mother of Christ in the motherhood with which they have been blessed. (From the Introduction.) (218 pp. Hardbound)

My Catholic Faith – A Catechism in Pictures - A Great Guide for Catholic Families – A Wonderful Book To Add To A Family Library - $49.00

Traditional Matrimony Certificate - 11 in. x 14 in. - $7.95

Matrimony Card

(#9959) - $1.50 ea.

Matrimony Book Mark Card Box of 12 with Envelopes (#9959BX) - $12.00

Traditional Matrimony Card -$2.95

Crucifixes and Sick Call Sets

10 in. Walnut Sick Call Set with Silver Plated Salerni Corpus

(Made in USA)


$49.95 + shipping

12 in. Walnut Sick Call Set with Silver Plated Salerni Corpus

(Made in USA)


$52.00 + shipping

12 in. Call Set - Dark Cherry with Silver Plated Salerni Corpus

(Made in USA)


$50.00 + shipping


Rosaries & Rosary Cases For The Bride And Groom

6 mm Crystal - Diamond Cut Rosary $18.00
Pearl Ladder Rosary $22.00
Wood Beads (7x9 mm.) Black - $8.95 (152BK)

Leather Rosary Cases

SMALL - (3" x 2.5") Deluxe genuine leather Rosary Case. "My Rosary" design. Zipper closure Available in either White or Black. (3811001-2) LARGE - (4.25" x 3.25") Sturdy Leather zipper Rosary Case -- Cross design. Available in either White or Black (3890201-2)
LARGE - (4" wide x 3" tall) Sturdy Leather zipper Rosary Case -- Cross design. Available in Brown (KS211)

$6.00 ea.

$8.00 ea.

$9.00 ea.

To order the Small BLACK Leather Rosary Case click below

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To order the Large BROWN Leather Rosary Case click below

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Leather Rosary Cases With Anti-Tarnish Lining

SMALL - (3" x 2.5") Deluxe genuine leather with Anti-tarnish lining. Cross design. Zipper closure. Available in either White or Black. (3860101-2)
LARGE - (4.0" x 3.25") Deluxe genuine leather case with Anti-tarnish lining. Zipper Closure "My Rosary" design. Available in either White or Black (3890001-2)
LARGE - (4.0" x 3.25") Deluxe genuine leather case with Anti-tarnish lining. Zipper Closure "Cross" design. Available in either White or Black (3890101-2)
$8.50 ea.
$10.00 ea.
$10.00 ea.

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To order the Large White Leather Rosary Caseclick below

LARGE - (4.0" x 3.25") Microsuede with lining. Deluxe lining. Zipper Closure "Ave Maria" design. Available in Light Blue
LARGE - (4.0" x 3.25") Microsuede with lining. Deluxe lining. Zipper Closure "Hail Mary Full of Grace" design. Available in Red


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