Scapular of Benediction and Protection

Beautiful scapulars are hand crafted in Europe according to directions originally given to Marie-Julie Jahenny (as explained below) and imported. Actual Size: Each Scapular Panel - 3 1/2" Wide x 4 1/2" High

In her extraordinary relations with Heaven, the pious stigmatic of La Fraudais, Marie-Julie Jahenny received during the ecstasy of the 23rd of August 1878 a request for a new scapular.

This scapular is an honored privilege offered by Our Lord and Our Lady to lead us through the terrible times when the world will face the Holy Wrath of God. So much blasphemy and iniquity on the part of man inexorably provokes Divine Justice, but at the same time, the infinite Goodness of Our Lord and of His holy Mother manifests itself to help, in the middle of the torment, those who, humbly, with good supernatural dispositions and without presumption put their trust in Them.

Not only is the wearing of this scapular strongly recommended, but its exposition in our chapels and houses will give a very special protection.

PLEASE NOTE - AS OF September 1, 2022 we are no longer shipping any orders out of the U.S. New regulations and costs have made shipping out of the country prohibitive.


Scapular of Benediction & Protection With English Explanation - $13.25 ea. Scapular of Benediction & Protection With Spanish Explanation - $13.25 ea.



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