Saint Benedict - Patron of Monks, Homeless, And Those Suffering From Poisons

Medals, Crucifixes and Crosses

St. Benedict Medal - 3/4 in.

Zinc Alloy-VC420

40¢ ea. (+S&H)


Two-Tone St. Benedict Medal Jubilee Medal - Enameled


1.25 in. - $.80

St. Benedict Medal - 1 in.

Oxidized Silver-EC244-1

95¢ ea. (+S&H)


.75 Inch St. Benedict Medal Crosses - 75¢ each








St. Benedict Medal Crucifix - "The Exorcism Crucifix"

The Crucifix Medal of St. Benedict - Among the numerous mediums Holy Mother Church offers to bring help to the dying, She certifies the Cross of a happy death and the Medal of St. Benedict. The Popes have granted a Plenary Indulgence to this combination. To facilitate gaining of this indulgence, there is placed in the Cross of a Happy Death a Medal of St. Benedict. One of the inscriptions on the Medal brings this request in prayer to form in the mind: (Ejus in obitu praesentia muniamur) "We desire you in our hour of death to be our amour by your property and presence."

The Crucifix Medal of St. Benedict (Exorcism Crucifix) is available in a variety of sizes and materials. The information pertinent to each is given below.

1 1/2 inch St. Benedict Medal Crucifixes - $3.50 ea.

Nickel and Brown (3 only) or Brass and Black (5 only)

Nickel and Brown Brass and Black

3 in. St. Benedict Medal Crucifixes

3 in. St. Benedict Medal Crucifix - Brass and White - $8.00 (+shipping -T-4196WG)


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