Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Ven. Emmerich (1774-1824), an Augustinian nun who carried the stigmata, the Wounds of Christ, spent her entire life in a small area in Germany. Yet, through her incredible mystical experiences, she was as knowledgeable about the Holy Land as any "expert" before or after her. Graced by God to live long periods of time without any food or water, subsisting on the Holy Eucharist alone, Ven. Emmerich may be one of the most important mystics in the history of the Church.

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Sacramental Films

presents a video documentary on the life of

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Mystic of the Münsterland

  • Filmed on location in Germany and the Vatican
  • Looks closely at the life and mystical gifts of Bl. Emmerich
  • Highlights from the Beatification of Bl. Emmerich
  • Beautiful original score written for this documentary

Available in both DVD or VHS Format

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich- Mystic of the Munsterland

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The Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - St. Benedict Press Edition - Paperback

Life of Jesus Christ And Biblical Revelations. One of the most extraordinary books ever published. These four volumes record the visions of the famous 19th-century Catholic mystic; Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich; a nun who was privileged to behold innumerable events of biblical times; going back all the way to the creation of the world. She witnessed the fall of the Angels; the sin of Adam; Noe and the Flood; the lives of St. John the Baptist; St. Anne; St. Joseph; the Blessed Virgin Mary; and St. Mary Magdalen. Also includes the birth; life; public ministry; Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ; as well as the founding of His Church. Besides describing persons; places; events and traditions in intimate detail; Anne Catherine Emmerich also sets forth the mystical significance of these visible realities. Impr. 4 vol set- 2;623 pgs; PB A $100 Value!

The Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - Softbound (Tan)

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The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (TAN Books Edition)

Ven. Emmerich's account of the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, while faithful to the Bible, is heart-rending, edifying and surprising -- because of its intimate detail. Based on the visions of this great mystic, The Dolorous Passion recounts in incredible detail the horrendous sufferings undergone by our Saviour in His (it would seem) superhumanly heroic act of Redemption. Illuminating in its description of Mary's participation in the sufferings of her Son, this book gives the reader a poignant understanding of why Our Lady is sometimes called our "Co-Redemtrix." The Dolorous Passion is a singular book that conveys a lasting impression of the terrible agony of Our Lord's suffering for us. Here is a book that will melt a heart of stone! A tremendous source of meditative thought for Lent.

The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (TAN Edition)$18.00 ea. (+ shipping)

The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Taken from the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich has become a classic in Catholic literature. Based on the mystic visions of the Venerable Emmerich (1774-1824), a German Augustinian nun from Dülman, it focuses first on the ancestry of the Blessed Virgin Mary, then on her childhood and early life, next on her life with Jesus and St. Joseph at Nazareth -- though it does not include the Public Ministry of Christ. Thereafter the narrative picks up following the Passion and Death of Our Lord. Characteristic of all the writings of the visions and revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich is a beautiful, holy aura that seems to surround and pervade everything she says (most readers sense this aspect of her work from the very first pages); and this work is typical of Sister Emmerich's works in this regard. This book is filled with unusual, saintly descriptions that are not recorded in the Gospel story -- descriptions that supplement and illustrate the Biblical narrative in a way that makes the actual Scripture passages truly come alive. The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary will richly reward the reader with insights he could never gain from any other source and is a book he will remember all his life. This volume focuses on the life of the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Powerful and thought provoking.

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The Life and Revelations of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

This is the remarkable story of the newly Beatified Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich, as told by Fr. Carl. E. Schmöger, C.SS.R. Fr. Schmöger, with access to the journals of Clement Brentano, as well as the extensive ecclesiastical archives, provides some of the most powerful and moving testimony of the power and majesty of Almighty God that is found in Church writing. This work provides marvelous insight into the life and suffering of one victim soul.

The Life and Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich - 2 Volumes - $55.00)



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