Miraculous Medal

The complete story of the Miraculous Medal, as well as the life of St. Catherine Labouré are available at many sites on the web -- so there is no reason to duplicate that effort here. Click on the image below to take you to one such site.

Miraculous Medals

Medals, Holy Cards & Relic Prayer Cards

The Miraculous Medal

1 inch Aluminum With Italian Inscription



1 inch Alum/Gold Color With Italian Inscription



1 inch Aluminum With English Inscription



1 inch Oxidized- $1.10 (+ S&H)


1 1/2 inch Silver Oxidized Finish Miraculous Medal with 24 in. Rhodium Plated Chain Gift Box - $10.00 (+S&H) (SO1645)



To See The Styles and Sizes of Chains and Cords Click on the Link Below

Chains and Cords

Mary-Miraculous 1.125" Genuine Pewter Saint Medal with Stainless Steel Chain. Silver Embossed Pamphlet with Patron Saint Information and Prayer Included.

Lists Biography/History of Each Saint. Gives the Patron Attributes, Feast Day and Appropriate Prayer. (3.25"x 5.5") [950-253]

Mary's Miraculous Medal - the story of the Miraculous Medal - beautifully illustrated - $6.00

The Miraculous Medal - by Mary Fabyan Windeatt - $9.00

Miraculous Medal with 18 in. Chain - $9.75

Mary's Miraculous Medal Book - $6.00

The Miraculous Medal (Windeatt) - $9.00

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